The toll booth workers in NYS were wiped out by Andrew Cuomo's $100b -1984- E-tolls disgrace. Horrible what some toll booth workers are going through. Some so close to realizing a full pension are now robbed by robots. This must be the number one fight for everyone in labor, union or non-union. I am very saddened and perplexed that all Unions didn't unite and fight this. Another Union is next! Which one? This 100% is not happening on my watch. In smart cities they are experimenting with automated Sanitation and automated trains. This MUST will not happen. We need to keep the labor force protected. This isn't Sci-Fi anymore, peoples livelihoods are being stripped from them. There simply is not enough resistance to this. I am for the Union Worker and the Worker over anybody else. I will 100% fight the technocracy and not allow any entity ESPECIALLY, NYS wipe out unions because they feel automation will be better for them! No way! No how!



    I proudly served as a Local 638 Journeyman B Steamfitter. The union workers are my Brother's, and I intend to support them 100%. Non-Union workers deserve to make a living, and should have their voices heard too. From safety, to training, to health insurance. The term scab is hate speech, if you're going to call them a scab with out giving them a card. It's hate speech. Sorry!

    Any worker (Union or Non-Union) engaged in an apprenticeship program with the Department of Buildings, should register with the city after one year. This way the goal post isn't moved on their requirements. The City can provide progressive vocational courses and exams for all workers, during this process. Too often the License Departments change their requirements, that can derail someones entire career. Causing them to start over all 7 years.




    NYCHA spends $14m on over 250 heat technicians. While 84% of its buildings didn't have heat, hot water, or even water in 2017. 7 out of the 10 highest paid workers in the entire city's budget are NYCHA plumbers. Some making well over $300k a year. And again 84% of NYCHA buildings did not have heat, hot water, and even water.

    $14m a year on heat techs that leave after 3 years to move on to a (somehow) higher paid Maintenance job. This is not the solution. Boiler techs need much more training than 3 years, and truly need to be dedicated to their craft! -(I wrote this on this website before DeBlasio was forced to come up with this idea by a Judge. What was city council thinking? I even made a video on it the week before!)




    What keeps UA trade unions in business is quality. Not to take anything away from the many excellent Non-Union Companies. Trade Unions breed quality. Why not have NYCHA and the UA work together in providing the great service NYCHA requires. Allow NYCHA employees to dissolve into the Trade Unions. And allow the superb Union Contractors to work their magic and properly maintain these complexes. This is a much needed WIN- WIN- WIN for everyone. NYCHA, Unions, and the tax payer.


    (Again City Council sat with this absolutely perplexed, until a federal judge forced DeBlasio's hand. What were these people thinking while 400,000 residents were out in the cold. I have been saying this since February 2018) WOW!- I even say it in my radio address above 2 weeks before DeBlasio was forced to figure it out!)



    Vocational School to Count as College Credit-


    The value of vocational school is actually up for debate. Unions do "learn as you go" courses and apprenticeships, they are much more effective. The best learning in trades is hands on, in the field. The push for Vocational Training is a noble cause. What we need to address is they don't count for college credit. They are often expensive and very time consuming. If you graduate a reputable and qualified Vocational School, the individual should receive an Associates Degree. It's crazy they don't and it will make vocational training much more appetizing.

    CUNY get on it!