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    In my opinion this is a MAJOR Civil Rights Issue.

    Corey Johnson -Speaker of City Council- I believe only went to one semester of College.

    Bill DeBlasio has a Master's degree from Columbia.

    I would much rather have Corey Johnson as our Mayor than that weirdo. When hiring for my staff I don't give a crap what college you went to. Or if you have a degree. I want to know what you overcame. I want to know if you have a bone to pick with the city, the corruption, and the callousness of this monstrous bureaucracy.

    One rule! Ivy League grads are at the bottom of my resume pile for further review.

    I'm tired of these Elitists thinking they know what it takes to advocate for people struggling to come up.

    Unless they can prove to me they really fought for it. I am not interested.

    P.S. Corey Johnson is really good, but he could be great! So it's not an endorsement yet.



    There will be several women on my team.

    The only thing I know about women is most of them are a lot smarter than me!

    That I guarantee.

    There will be several women on my team and they will have the green light!



    In 2018 we made many strides on the LGBTQ fronts. However it seems that Trans Women are still struggling. I will absolutely have a woman on my staff. The office will always have an open line of communication to the Trans Community and they will actually be heard. And will no longer be reduced to political pawns. Ideally I would like the whole community put an "S" in there some where. This way people don't feel like they are left out. NYC is for everyone. No matter how anti-government I may seem. I have your back!


    I can't make staffing promises for parents. But I can promise that Mothers and Fathers and Family has got to be absolutely treasured in our city. I will always have you in mind. I am giving out my cell phone number at my swear in speech. If something is going on call me. I'm old school, dial the phone.



    - I am tired of identity politics. But it is real. We have to realize Dr. Kings dream one of these days! I am afraid a lot of it is sophisticated social engineering and a distraction. This way the bankers and the political class have an even bigger grip on all of us. Again if you have a bone to pick with this government, if you want to see all of our money stay in our communities. Versus giving more money to the wasteful Federal Goverment than we get back. If you want to stop seeing your neighbors and coworkers, family members and yourself, paying rent to the Congress or something, then I want you on my team.

    If any one shouldn't have faith in the government it's Black people in this country. Even putting the heinous history aside, witnessing the exploitation that is happening right now in this country. It's infuriating! And such an unending waste of money except for the elite!