With help from every community. To end this civil unrest that endlessly impedes on humanity, something must be done! The reparations I propose are not to punish white people all over the country. Forcing them to pay for something they directly had no part of. It's ending the viscous exploitative cycle of these government programs! All they do is bypass huge sums of wealth through the community they claim to be supporting. Just follow the money and we will all be FURIOUS! They have been ripping off all of the people in this country that aren't "elite," and there are only a few left! Terrible! Prisons, near $250k a year per prisoner, in NYC. Most housing programs that leave residents subjected to policy. Food Stamps being the most unreflective way to spend $84b on hunger!


    Since the Great Society these programs have been sending GAZILLIONS of dollars right through communities that were designed for failure. They were forcing the tax payers to pay for it. The tax payers assumed you guys were getting cold hard cash. Creating animosity between communities. While most of you were living in projects, or on "assistance" with no choice.


    Then they say. "Oh but if you make too much money you, you will break the earnings threshold." Or will you forced to pay thieving incompetent NYCHA 30% of your income, leaving you for scraps, or to "hustle." Taking away the incentive to work. Then these same creeps that set up these communities. They built Police Stations almost and sometimes blatantly across the street. Then the government flooded those streets with crack. A Banker himself Rockefeller signed these absurd 15 year prison sentences for even a QP of weed. You know it much better than I do!


    Food Stamps aren't cash. They are an "E-cycle of currency" where the shareholders for General Mills and Wal-Mart make most of the money. Meanwhile the banks are getting paid for every single swipe. And local farmers get nothing. Then government housing is like a free hotel, you better sneak some towels in your luggage, because when you leave, you leave with nothing. They even have grants that send you to College and Vocational School with no incentives for completion. So the Dean's and the Boards can get all the money. Even a CUNY History Professor is getting a $561,000 a year pension. The tax payers are getting nothing but robbed.


    There is no end in sight, while racial tensions remain steady. They are exploiting us. This is why it’s the same issue over and over again every election cycle. The 2008 financial crisis was mainly due to Cuomo's predatory mortgage policy, from his days at HUD. Then even Bush and Obama together practically holding hands, bailed out the banks. The banking system wins, but none of us do. Besides extended unemployment and an Obama phone, what do we get? Oh but billions went to private pharmaceuticals and private insurance companies. Even with Obama in there he tried throwing some daggers. He started Section 8 to own. He was hamstrung and was just bought out buy the banks, there wasn't much he could do, and that is a huge shame. We Americans are still stricken with the same symptoms 10 years after Obama and 70 years after these programs began to develop. Malcolm X had it right 55 years ago. It's all a game of exploitation, and now WE have been the political football. This is nothing new, the shit needs to stop. If not it never will, and will only get worse and worse, until the state owns everything. Do you actually want DeBlasio and Cuomo owning your house? Read between the lines, it’s not that hard. Just hard to accept, hard to let go. Years of police brutality, and decades long prison sentences for what robbery? Yeah it's very hard to accept.


    I call for a 20 year bail out right now!!! Yes a 20 year bail out on Housing Subsidies and all other assistance. Instead of the tax payer giving the money directly to a racist scum bags like Donald Sterling. All so Bernie Madoff can run off and speculate with it, a few years after the "bank bailout." The tax payers are going to buy the property now. Tax payers are going to give you the deeds, and we pay it off over the next 20 years. It will be SO MUCH cheaper even now, and especially in the long run. The Elite owners who have been raking in all the billions while we fend for scraps. Well they are in a little trouble. Because when the tax payers find out how much they made, and for how long, and for how terribly little they provide. They won't be too thrilled to give them market value. This elite predatory class, of Land Holders that steal from the tax payer, to prey on the poor. Must be held accountable.


    This will give us sustainability, real hope and change, and allow us to have money to do amazing things for our community and ourselves. It will normalize the housing market so people can scrape some money together and buy a home. It will eliminate displacement, and let real organic thriving communities take place. Now the jar-gain is "Subsidizing-Black-Women-Owned Businesses" and even way scarier "rent control for all." Well who the hell is all that rent going to? Or is this a way to slide housing subsidies into the commercial store front sect?


    That's exactly what these "whoever friends of DeBlasio, City Council members" running against me are campaigning on. That's what their donors are telling them to run on! It is pure hoodwinking at its finest. And we are trapped in it.


    My intention is something that will actually work. I am going to figure out a way to turn your apartment into a condo that you own, and you can do whatever you heart desires. Live in it, rent it out, sell it!


    We are going to end the grip the government and the bankers have on all of our hard working communities! And we are going to do it with a 20 year bail out. It's the right thing to do! Just give you the damn buildings! Enough!


    What can the Public Advocate do about that? Research? Give a speech? Present a law?

    The funny thing is. I'm going to win. So you will see!