Sound just policing is lawful policing. The 4th Amendment is essential and should be respected to the fullest extent. The only caveat being if it's under the threat of foreign terror. We have to do everything we can to investigate foreign terror. It's been proven we are a target.


    This city has been ridden in scandal and corruption. DeBlasio has staff out there gang banging with guns. Police have been caught trafficking Heroin. Anna Chambers was "allegedly" raped by two police officers, handcuffed on the way to the precinct. As the officer's were being investigated, they found out one of these officers, was sleeping with the Prosecutor.

    There is so much work to do!


    The one thing I will give this mayor credit for is he has done a decent job, with "police-state" brutality. Central Booking or the "tombs" are surprisingly much cleaner, much better than in the Bloomberg administration.


    Treating New Yorker's like citizen's and not subjects has not been achieved. It must be realized. Closing Riker's and bringing attention to the viscous police-state is great. New Yorkers are treated like subjects and not treated like citizens. That now has to be the fight!


    There are really rough characters that need to be off the streets. We need Police. New York Criminal Court has a long way to go. It is prison for profit and it is all under the guise of bank ran social engineering. At court, I want to see each citizen respect themselves as a citizen, and make sure the right thing happens, and their rights are protected. This sadly has yet to be achieved.


    In the event of any Police Shooting. I want a full scale investigation on the alternative. The police are armed, have all sorts of weaponry, besides their pistol. They have bullet proof vests. The NYPD have Emergency Service Units equipped for Urban Warfare. Rules of engagement that favor them over our citizens, better than our soldiers have overseas, with enemy combatants. They have Jason Bourne Movie Surveillance capability, Helicopters, Planes, and a Navy!


    There needs to be better training. What do I mean by training? I mean actual training. Techniques and strategies to keep people safe.

    Unfortunately for the Police Officer. Life priorities go to the innocent citizen first. Then Officer second. The criminal third. If they shot and killed an innocent citizen, they should be charged with murder and treason!