Immigration is the back bone of America and what gives New York it's character, and makes it the best city in the world.

    We have and have had immigration issues in this country that go way beyond the White House. Our immigration policy has been atrocious since the closing down of Ellis Island. Immigration is a federal issue. But I pledge that as a New Yorker and friend of many legal and undocumented immigrants. As watch dog I will do everything I can to help fix this issue.


    An undocumented immigrant comes to this country and is forced to live in the shadows. Living in a technological, post economic bail out world, where cash is harder to come by. Where businesses have a harder time to pay them, on or off the books. This problem extends to both sides of the isle. Even when there is support they are scared to come forward, and instead subject themselves to an abundance of problems. It is not fair, it is not American. We must be humane and smart.


    As this city resists the Federal Government which has been awful on immigration for decades, for almost 70 years it has simply been wrong. I will fight for a sound, humane, and safe immigration policy. Most dire is a policy that promotes immigrants to come here and work and make something of themselves and realize the American dream. An immigration policy that won't capitalize on the misfortune of the immigrants and exploit them with this exploitative welfare state. Immigration is a huge component of the American Dream and I will do every thing I can to fight for it. And I will fight for those coming here to live the American dream!


    Ideally I would like to see, the now defunct Riker's Island become the new Ellis Island! Those seeking a better life, connection with their families, and refuge from the most oppressive governments in the world, can read the plaque on the Statue of Liberty and come here. And we should welcome them here. With open arms. But we must vet them, as much as the awful NSA vets us. Too many New Yorkers are subjected to drugs, sex trafficking, friends and neighbors still weep of lost ones from 9-11. And these issues can not be ignored. DACA can no longer be a political bargaining chip for the left and the right. DACA must get done. It's completely unfair and the children did not ask for this.


    The immigration policy we have now, that has the military on the border preventing an "invasion." Is not only a result of a huge drug and sex trafficking problem, not only a result of Terrorism (an issue that can not be ignored) it is a result of not having the political fortitude to what is right for our Country and those coming here. All of our politicians in power since the 50's should absolutely be ashamed of themselves.


    Any immigrant living in the shadows, that wants a shot at life. That wants a future they can count on, the ability to work hard and pursue the American dream. Come downtown and come see me. I will help you.


    We have babies born in the country subjected to vaccines that some feel may be harming them. We have human beings living in countries that don't have disease control measures in place coming here unchecked. To have a policy that looks the other way, takes no responsibility for contributing nothing in the past, is childish and not smart. To have measures in place where they continue to take more cash out of circulation, does nothing but marginalize our undocumented residents. We must have an inclusive, open minded discussion on these issues. It is a huge responsibility for all NYC politicians. We must do what is fair!