New York. Let's not confuse Anti-Gentrification for Segregation. Let's get Identity Politics out of the way and attack the core issue.

    1-End the renter class and create more "native" ownership.

    -Those beholden to a land lord will always be at the mercy of this crony market.

    -The best way to end involuntary displacement, is for the residents to simply choose not the sell the home they own.

    New Yorkers need to own!

    -Deeds are more affordable than NYCHA

    -As the City sells NYCHA sky-rights the residents should get the money

    2-Reduce the extreme commuting cost for those in the suburbs commuting every day.

    -This will help the suburban folk justify staying home, like most actually want to.

    -Really focus on updating our transportation into the city, make commuting a reasonable endeavor, that's what inflates our housing cost

    3-If the city takes more control of housing, the Amazon's and Roosevelt Island's can make a sweet heart deal with city.

    Then an empty handed exodus ensues.

    -200,000 residents a year are leaving the state!


    Due to a lack of financial opportunity for too many reasons. There are millions of New Yorker's bank rolling other New Yorker's and sometimes even foreign investors fortune's. We can not change this Neo-Liberal / Crony-Capitalist structure over night. We also can not give into the government and let them continue to mismanage yet another basic necessity of ours.


    We can and must implement a fair policy!


    1. Impose a renter's equity savings account in escrow along with security deposit via the land lord.

    -Rates can change but for instance say its 5%

    -5% of 2,000 x 12 = $1,200 a year -after 5 years that is just $6,000 out of the $120,000 the renter paid their land lord.

    -If the renter decides to move, get a mortgage, or happens to be displaced at least the renter walks away with something!

    -If the tenant moves before 5 years, the Land Lord keeps the money tax free to use it for building improvements and the costs don't get past to tenants in building improvement increases.


    2. Negotiate for renter’s equity in long term leases.

    -We can't have investment firms buy property at unattainable inflated rates, rape and pillage the wealth from the renter class, and the renter walk away with no equity in the building what so ever. The renters' are getting royally screwed here. I do not know what this legislation would look like, or what the thresholds would be. I do vow that i will propose a renters equity clause, especially in the sale and displacement of a store front that was leased by a private small business for decades.

    Enough is enough!


    3. Greedy Land Lord Tax

    -I opt for the free market. But let’s face it. Between the Neo-Liberals and the Crony-Conservatives. The free market is not just existent. The elite have their foot on our throats. To the point where we are willing to have more government ran housing complexes, and rent control for all. This will only lock us deeper into the pitfalls that is now the renter class.

    -If a landlord has inherited a property, bought the property for cash, or has already paid off their mortgage from a time way back when housing was affordable. Great good for them kudos. If after a decade of this fortune, they want to increase the rent on any New Yorker that has already established residency in that unit. The owner has to pay a luxury tax on those increases. Where does the money go? It will be invested in helping renters obtain low interest ownership of property.


    4. Section 8 shift-

    -Implement Section 8 to own programs that have seen success elsewhere.

    Donald Sterling the racist owner of the L.A. clippers got his NBA team taken away from him for being a racist. Yet he accumulated his wealth by owning Section 8 housing communities in Compton, Los Angeles. Were those taken away from him too? How many Donald Sterling's are in your borough? How many tax payer funded complexes that aren't NYCHA are in your area?

    The Section 8 recipient gets a place to live in, I am not disputing the program, rather the flow of the tax payer dollars. The tax payers provide market rate not to the section 8 recipient, but to the elite land lord, all the recipient receives is a temporary shelter that can be sold at any time.

    $2,500 is not unreasonable for market rate rent in any borough. $2,500 x 12 = $30,000 after a 20 years that's ---> $600,000 more than enough to buy a condo.

    Those who qualify for government assistance in New York now have tax payer wealth bypassed through them to a rich investor. Now I will insist that the recipient will own the property. No more funneling money through the poor, time it actually goes to the poor! This will drastically slow down involuntary gentrification.


    Mortgages are CRIMINAL, they are fraud, they near triple housing costs, they create gentrification, they collapsed our economy, they are mostly predatory thing in America. Negatively distorting the real cost of housing, renters usually fall victim to financing another rich person's mortgage, something this problematic must be looked into.

    If a New Yorker is financing a $2m property (sadly par the course now), they will pay back to the bank ~$6m, and the renter will usually pony up the bill, walking away with absolutely nothing.

    Let’s be the tip of the spear and end this garbage ASAP!






    -Lotteries are not fair!!!

    -Affordable Housing is not affordable!!!! Its qualified housing at best, and these new programs still extract most of the tenant’s wealth, and in most cases they will never ever own.


    -70+ years of these housing strategies and now it’s more expensive and out of reach than ever.

    And NYCHA has proven to be utterly abusive, they are thieves that steal from the public's safety.

    -Housing stock is extremely important, limited stock and criminal bankers have inflated the cost to Mars. Building more affordable housing that displaces communities and simply isn't even affordable is theft across the board.

    -We have a responsibility to maintain the common areas, and the basic utilities to NYCHA recipients. A huge responsibility. It's going to cost $2b alone to distribute heat, that's distribute, not even including the very expensive new boilers, just new pipe to carry heat to the units. NYCHA residents pay 30% of their income in rent to a mismanaged, corrupt agency, and at times there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Each NYCHA apartment’s value will be assessed. If the resident opts for the program. If their rent paid exceeds the value of their unit. They can get their money back in full so they can get the hell out of the projects. We need more owners and less victims. Eventually I would like to see all NYCHA recipients own their units as a condo. This is our way out of poverty. The alternative is sadly not sustainable.



    Residential zoning is very important. However we shouldn't live in an archaic Nanny state. An individual real estate broker, head hunter, plumber, electrician, etc. Up and coming New Yorkers shouldn't have to be forced into the elite commercial real estate market. It can be a back breaking endeavor and does impede on small businesses.


    Even new Yoga studio needs an ethical cultures variance (same as a strip club) in order to be in business.


    We need to protect our communities, but not in a way that keeps them from growing.


    Amazon can buy Long Island City. But a small plumbing contractor just starting out can't operate out of their basement? These are more laws that just don't defend the little person or the small business owner.