Since the roll out in 1914. The Fed has been an absolute disaster. Political heroes from Ron Paul to Bernie Sanders have been calling it out. The Fed is in control of our money, and we have absolutely no idea what they are up to.

    The nation was swept by Hillary's emails and speeches, and the Presidency in being gaslighted over Russia.


    We still don't know anything. And we absolutely have no idea what the hell the Federal Reserve is up to!

    Both Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul have repeatedly been asking that we audit the Fed. And they have been laughed at, and called tin-foil hat crazy.


    Well being in New York City government. We can be a pesky nuisance. Call them a threat to our safety, unless they are audited. They literally get away with murder! They are Goliath, and I will demand that some one exposes these crooks for who they really are.


    Get the United Nations out of here too. Bunch of do nothing world dominating creeps!