Natural Gas is considered to be the clean energy. Yes I suppose that's plausible. High efficiency boilers at times do get slightly better ratings on gas compared to oil. Even the MTA "clean" buses are now using natural gas. Here in Brooklyn they are ripping up the streets all over the place and putting in new gas lines. Ironically using petroleum based plastic pipe.


    Besides the massive gas explosions, deaths, and the hard to trace gas leaks all over the city. We are overlooking the fact that this is wiping out the messy, but surprisingly much safer oil heat industry. There are huge problems coming with this movement and the American Natural Gas lobby.


    The city and the Tristate are now totally dependent on natural gas. Especially after the closing of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. Sadly Cuomo's top aide was arrested for his bribes in getting the CPV Natural Gas Power Plant prematurely approved in the Hudson Valley, simply way too close to the city's reservoirs. The MTA is moving to natural gas buses and is expanding our bus fleets. THIS IS TERRIFYING!!! We are making the biggest city in the country, natural gas dependent! Inevitably forcing the markets hand to engage in fracking, risking our most precious upstate reservoirs.


    Turning our city into a bomb. Standing the Department of Buildings on its head, scrambling to figure out the best safety regulations. Then threatening our water shed! This is quite frankly the most foolish and alarming thing happening in the city today.


    Necessity is the mother of invention-

    I would first propose a moratorium on any new installation of gas lines and expansions of our gas grid. Con-Ed and National Grid will be restricted to essential repairs only. Until it is proven that they can mine for Natural Gas in Upstate NY and Pennsylvania with a safer method than hydro-fracking. California and Texas use BioGas, there is a way out.

    What are the City Council, Mayor, Governor, any of my opponents, and existing public advocate thinking? Absolutely Unacceptable.

    American Natural Gas, their lobby, and their recipients must be investigated!

    We should all be FURIOUS!!!






    Yes buses. MTA buses have made strides, but let us not forget the Port Authority!! They are rebuilding the Port Authority!

    This is way too big of an opportunity. It's not our lungs fault that Cuomo and Christie couldn't get along. Nor is it the fault of this cities children with these sky high asthma rates! How many times in our life are we going to have an opportunity to rebuild the port authority?

    Don't even try to tell me that every Grey Hound Bus, Shortline Bus and all those buses somehow use "clean energy"

    -the Lincoln Tunnel is already considering shutting down 2 of the 3 tunnels for repairs. Meanwhile the Port Authority already has 8,000 buses a day using its facility. And it's going to grow to 12,000 soon enough. We must resist this insanity and make the Port Authority a train station and not clog up the Lincoln Tunnel with eventually 15,000 buses every day. We need a train system and that's it!

    -*(Recent Update) As the brand new Upstate (Tappan zee) Mario Cuomo Bridge has bolts breaking already Trump and Cuomo are holding hands are finding $13.5b to put in a train tunnel. To where? We need real city planners!



    Look around. It may not make sense to you now. But I promise it will this spring, when they shut down 14th St., Grand Street in Brooklyn, and close off the Williamsburg Bridge to passenger vehicles. Tolls will be installed on all East River crossings, they have the 2 BQE construction projects looming, (BQGreen and the Promenade) The Lincoln tunnel is closing 2 out of 3 tunnels for up to 2 years and Holland Tunnel is closing 1 of its 2 tubes for 5 years!


    Driving in New York City is about to become a complete utter nightmare!!! I'll save the cursing for you!

    Yes we are F&^$#%*! It will be mayhem. We have to do it in stages!


    Before the city eliminates private vehicles, which is an inevitable step. Call me crazy now then, 10 years later...

    There is an all-out assault on passenger vehicles. With the cap on 116k cap on Uber, there will soon be one on registered vehicles city wide.


    We need to make a concession. An expensive one and we need to do it fast. by 202X, no car can be registered in an NYC, DMV, unless it uses hybrid technology. There is no reason for fumes to be spilling out of cars while sitting at a traffic light. As much as you want to resist that, understand what the transportation plans are. Look at the lunacy, and the total nonsense of these above ground trolleys going in. Really DeBlasio? They are going to take the cars away!!! Don't give them the very valid excuse of smog. Get ready to buy a hybrid! Even if it’s a work van or truck!


    New York I hate the smog too. But we need cars, it sucks I hate driving in the city, especially with these cops, but we needs cars. Congestion pricing will only serve the Elite. Who wants more money to go to DeBlasio and Cuomo anyway?!




    We must develop creative ways to support our local farms in the tristate area and have more fresh grown food supplied to the city.

    NYS has a $6 BILLION food stamp budget, and most of our SNAP recipients are living in food deserts, that are plagued with tragic obesity and diabetes rates. This is simply a dereliction of duty by our elected officials to do what's right for our city. NYS has a farming crisis. We are the 4th largest agricultural state in the nation, and our average farmer is 55 years old. We need to speak to the State and the Fed and make sure we streamline our assets to our benefit. Keep our tax dollars local. And help feed our whole city in the most environmentally and economically viable way possible. 60 years after Food Stamp Act was signed. We could use a makeover! There is a crisis. Food Stamps are a policy, that an overwhelming majority of New Yorker's support. So let's tweak our system so it can work better than ever before. Right now the Big Ag, and Mega Food share holders are winning. While our poor families and tristate area farmers are not. Something must be done.


    The SNAP program and the recipient’s ability to use them at Farmer's Markets is under threat. As public advocate when undeserved New Yorker's are under threat by SNAP, I will urge the city to put the SNAP on notice. This State and the TriState area can do a terrific job feeding ourselves, before our money ever gets squandered by the Fed. They will listen because out of the $6 BILLION the state gets back. We give the program much much more!





    In case you haven't heard. NYC is surrounded by water. A wise person said the ocean temperatures are heating up! Let's cool them down. We can rip up streets all over the city to create a potential bomb with natural gas infrastructure that just adds to the immense carbon foot print. 70% of the cities emissions come from heating our city with combustion fuels.

    Geothermal technology has been around forever. The World Trade Center used it. Yes we do need to use refrigerant, there is no perfect solution. We can with perseverance engineer the greatest geothermal heating system in the history of the world. Right here in New York City. The long term costs will be incredible savings for our residents and building owners. The carbon foot print will plummet. And we will actually be progressive instead of running for office as progressives






    No pun intended I would like this to happen organically as a society, but it simply isn't happening.

    The amount of Plastic Bags handed out in this city is flat out disgusting. I will have no problem saying it and maintaining that political position. Even as our existing NYC politicians flaked on this issue. I urge us to get creative and not have Draconian laws that criminalize this, like in California! However there is an enormous plastic island in ocean and we need to cut the shit! I urge this to be a social movement and not legislation.





    Our city wide water distribution system is very old. Very outdated, there is over a century of sediment in our pipes. NYC needs work diligently to keep our residents as healthy as possible. We have the best reservoirs in the world, but how does the water show up, after it’s doused with chemicals and travels over 100 miles through very old pipes.


    As a Service Plumber for the past 8 years in the city I am saddened, by the amount of residential and commercial buildings that have LEAD water mains supply them. This must be fixed, and fixed fast!!


    If fluoride in our water is so healthy for our us, then why are dentists still in business? If fluoride in the water is so healthy for us, why don't we put flu vaccines, vitamin C, and St. John's Wort in our water, as well? This practice is old school 1950's nonsense. There are over 60 cities in the U.S., and many other on wells, and their teeth are just fine. Fluoridating our water is so important it comes spraying out of Fire Hydrants. This must be investigated extensively. Our water and what's in it, is a public health issue.