Drug Testing


    I believe drug testing violates the 4th amendment but that can wait for later. We have a huge human rights issue and that is Marijuana testing at work. In most cases its just wrong. Especially urine tests that stay in your system for 30 days. Marijuana has proven to help with pain and anxiety. To stay employed workers that get tested are forced to obtain drugs from the real criminals, the pharmaceutical companies. This element is a huge reason why we have an Opioid crisis in New York.

    If an employee is an a work-site accident, they are scared to report it because they smoked weed 2 weeks ago on a camping trip. Or maybe is using it as an alternative to Oxy's and Xanax, or Alcohol. Even in states like Colorado they still give urine tests for marijuana and that is irrational. There is no place for this in New York.

    Now employees and Insurance companies do reserve a right to test for marijuana use at work, especially in the case of an accident. In states like Colorado the police give blood tests that show accurate THC levels in over the past 24 hours. If an employer wants to urine test for Marijuana, they can only under the employees consent or with proper 30 day notice. In the event of a work place accident the only valid accurate test should be a blood test. Testing for all other drugs is fine by me. I wouldn't want heavy drug users on any construction site.




    Unreal that New York is so archaic, and draconian that marijuana is not legal yet. Makes you wonder why this entire state is plagued with the deadly Opioid Crisis? Sadly Cuomo and Jeff Sessions are in the same school of thought with this modality of oppression. Clearly this only benefits our prison for profit system (we are making strides.)

    Being "patient" while continuing to create "criminals" for over a decade of legalization elsewhere is tyranny. However it has taught us a valuable lesson.


    Living in both Denver and San Francisco for sometime. I noticed there is no more black market for weed. In Washington D.C. when it was legalized, the city awarded established elite liquor store owners with licenses. We can not let this happen here. It only eliminates a cash stream for poor people trying to put food on the table. Let's keep some CA$H!

    I do not support drug dealers and criminals, I feel Opioid dealers should be punished like never seen before. But your local weed dealer that doesn't sell any other drugs, and is a friend and neighbor, is by no means a criminal.


    We can have marijuana stores, and create yet another regulated industry. Allowing the greedy corporations to infiltrate marijuana. I would absolutely insist against that. The state should never be allowed to tax marijuana, nor should it ever be able to put someone in prison over it! Legalization is Corporatization. Let's do it right here in New York City.


    In the event its legalized, or in other words taxed. I would like to see existing marijuana dealers that are non-violent functioning members of society be given the licenses before anyone else!




    Here in Williamsburg a few weeks ago. Walking down my sidewalk a slime ball heroin dealer rolled down his window and told me he had "smack."

    Now what if I was recovering and had a bad day, and I roll out of my house and some one basically puts Heroin in my lap? Is this fair for the community? Fair to our taxes payers funding rehabs. Fair to the families and lives that are being devastated by this filth?


    I have lost 2 good friends, that were good kids. 1 to Heroin, 1 to FENTANYL. You will have a hard time seeing this Public Advocate ever be sympathetic to Heroin and Fentanyl pushers. And I am some one who is very against the drug war, so lets end it, like we are Ending Hate Speech. All of our resources, all the money on rehab, Heroin Spas, DMV tickets, and Parking tickets, the near $250k a year we spend on an inmate at Riker's all of that should be focused on 4 things. No more Heroin Dealers, No more Crystal Meth dealers (which is starting to take this city by storm), No more Crack Dealers, and Absolutely no more Fentynal Dealers. In fact Fentynal and Heroin, should be put into the SAFE ACT.


    Punishing people is not ideal, and government should not be in the business of it. Ruthlessly punishes Heroin and Fentynal pushers is(including doctors). It's one of the very few things we should cage people up like animals over. Heroin is a problem I have lost friends from it and it is absolutely evil. That's why they say we will never get rid of. So instead:


    The city is implementing these B.Y.O.H., Heroin Spas. Is it a really a fair deal? How much does it cost? Do first time or new users go? Is it just a recreational facility for junkies? Do they have a place where a nurse can roll a blunt for you or help you free base coke?



    We have a health crisis where millions of New Yorkers don't have medical insurance. If you have a freak accident your life is over. If you go to one of these public clinics and you make any money they charge you like you are rich, or what insurance will pay. Oh and try getting affordable medication! But we have a pilot program where our city pays for people to inject junkies with HEROIN.


    We pay give out needles that is enough.


    New York City averages 89 deaths per year via gun violence. In 2017 we lost 1,487 to drug overdoses. Apply the SAFE ACT to Opioids.

    Does the state supply spas where we can clean our illegal guns? Pay some one to train us to stay alive while shooting someone? Give us a nice warm or air conditioned place to load our magazines? NO!


    If you have even bullets on you in NYC you go to jail. You don't go to rehab you go to jail! If you have heroin on you it should be the same thing unless you accurately rat out your dealer. And the dealer should be charged with attempted murder. If the cops can trace the dealer in an overdose tragedy. The dealer will be charged with murder.




    Doctor's and Pharmacies should only charge for cost, in all opioid prescription visits, no profit at all!