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    This city has some of the smartest, most brilliant, caring, inventive, and creative people in the world.

    My public advocate's office will designate a direct contact page for any one to present their idea. I genuinely look forward to this. The office will contact you. No matter how grandiose, or simple. I promise I will lend you my ear! Game on!!! Citizen participation is always welcome, and absolutely encouraged!





    Bring Division 1 Sports back to CUNY

    Before the point shaving scandal way back in the 1950's CCNY Basketball were National Champions!

    Darlings of NYC! They transcended sports and tore through racial barriers.

    70 years later the city and our youth are still being punished for a silly point shaving scandal they had no part of.

    Texas A&M a public school generates $192m a year from athletics.

    UNC another public school generates $20m a year off of their Basketball Program alone.

    We have students struggling to pay their way through school. Tax payers helping to fund their much needed educations.

    When there are retired Queens College Professors making $561,000 a year pensions, we have to do something.


    Let's make New York City a sports power house like it once was! Create more student involvement on Campuses City wide. And have the entire city celebrate our youth again.


    New Yorker's love their sports, we have the best fans in the world. Some of the best athletes in the world.

    This would be a WIN-WIN for everyone.


    As Public Advocate I want to hear your ideas and help put the really good ones out there. This is our City!