Moratorium Right Now! I want to know what Amazon is really planning. The tax break is just to piss us off, get us fighting with each other so we are not thinking clearly. Smart Cities are popping up all over the world. Just drive 8 hours to Toronto.




    There are many hot button issues that come up with Amazon moving in alone.

    Even with out a tax cut! I am sure all my other opponents will cater to the constituents "feelings" and run on that.

    I am concerned about many of the issues too. Remember I am for the little guy. Jeff Bezos is a technocratic creep, I am not for him at all!


    While the list goes on -Union Labor, all the other tax hikes and breaks. Lowering the housing stock in an area that has been decimated by gentrification. The list will go on. And they are fine with that. Because unless we take to the streets this is happening. We have a sold out City Council. A tyrant Governor and one of the biggest con-job's in world history in, Warren Wilhem Jr. our Ivy League Elite Mayor nicknamed Bill!



    Why else is the city absolutely decimating our transportation all at once?

    Amazon is planning a take over of the city, making it their smart city!

    We need a Moratorium on this right now.

    We need to investigate what they have in the works. We need to see, how awful it is and put an end to it! If you think gentrification is a big issue. With Amazon, you got a whole nother thing coming!


    I am willing to say, even as I am campaigning if this happens, and sadly it will. A huge piece of humanity will be lost! We need to stop this!