Humanity for ALL of the World starts and ends in NYC!

    As Public Advocate I will not stand for these thieving politicians, or these inhumane bureaucracies.

    The Environment, Housing, and our Transportation systems are under duress!

    The government, bankers, and corporations have

    exploited our poor and middle-class. They

    are starting to ramp things up in ways we can barely even imagine!

    Our Transportation Systems are collapsing, many road closures coming.

    All the while Brooklyn and most of Queens will be tolled like New Jersey!

    Facial recognition attacking all of our sovereignty is justified by arresting scofflaws!!!

    E-Tolls and Facial Recognition is the most expensive infrastructure project in NYS history $100,000,000,000(b)!!!

    Amazon is making NYC a smart city!

    Welcome to New Amazon!

    Amazon has an NDNA Agreement with NYC!

    I am paying attention. Heeding the warning! The fix is in!

    Federal, State, to City Government! They pretend to help, yet instead steal and exploit!

    Those who are running against me, are really running against YOU.

    ALL City Council has done, was vote to tax Lyft and Uber, and cap them potentially bringing back the $1m medallion!

    Whatever side of the aisle you are on. We can fight about it later. First let's roll up our sleeves and take control of our City. What we have now is mayhem and theft!

    It's about to get a BILLION times worse!

    I am here to defend my City from imminent disaster before humanity is lost! I stand for humanity and humanity only!




    Now let's have some fun this winter taking on City Hall!

    Let's get the Voice of the People in the Public Advocate's office!


    Creative idea hotline: ha call 311 lol


    This city has some of the smartest, most brilliant, caring, inventive, and creative people in the world.

    My public advocate's office will designate a direct contact page for any one to present their idea. I genuinely look forward to this. The office will contact you. No matter how grandiose, or simple. I promise I will lend you my ear! Game on!!! Citizen participation is always welcome, and absolutely encouraged!





    Bring Division 1 Sports back to CUNY

    Before the point shaving scandal way back in the 1950's CCNY Basketball were National Champions!

    Darlings of NYC! They transcended sports and tore through racial barriers.

    70 years later the city and our youth are still being punished for a silly point shaving scandal they had no part of.

    Texas A&M a public school generates $192m a year from athletics.

    UNC another public school generates $20m a year off of their Basketball Program alone.

    We have students struggling to pay their way through school. Tax payers helping to fund their much needed educations.

    When there are retired Queens College Professors making $561,000 a year pensions, we have to do something.


    Let's make New York City a sports power house like it once was! Create more student involvement on Campuses City wide. And have the entire city celebrate our youth again.


    New Yorker's love their sports, we have the best fans in the world. Some of the best athletes in the world.

    This would be a WIN-WIN for everyone.


    As Public Advocate I want to hear your ideas and help put the really good ones out there. This is our City!






    New York. Let's not confuse Anti-Gentrification for Segregation. Let's get Identity Politics out of the way and attack the core issue.

    1-End the renter class and create more "native" ownership.

    -Those beholden to a land lord will always be at the mercy of this crony market.

    -The best way to end involuntary displacement, is for the residents to simply choose not the sell the home they own.

    New Yorkers need to own!

    -Deeds are more affordable than NYCHA

    -As the City sells NYCHA sky-rights the residents should get the money

    2-Reduce the extreme commuting cost for those in the suburbs commuting every day.

    -This will help the suburban folk justify staying home, like most actually want to.

    -Really focus on updating our transportation into the city, make commuting a reasonable endeavor, that's what inflates our housing cost

    3-If the city takes more control of housing, the Amazon's and Roosevelt Island's can make a sweet heart deal with city.

    Then an empty handed exodus ensues.

    -200,000 residents a year are leaving the state!


    Due to a lack of financial opportunity for too many reasons. There are millions of New Yorker's bank rolling other New Yorker's and sometimes even foreign investors fortune's. We can not change this Neo-Liberal / Crony-Capitalist structure over night. We also can not give into the government and let them continue to mismanage yet another basic necessity of ours.


    We can and must implement a fair policy!


    1. Impose a renter's equity savings account in escrow along with security deposit via the land lord.

    -Rates can change but for instance say its 5%

    -5% of 2,000 x 12 = $1,200 a year -after 5 years that is just $6,000 out of the $120,000 the renter paid their land lord.

    -If the renter decides to move, get a mortgage, or happens to be displaced at least the renter walks away with something!

    -If the tenant moves before 5 years, the Land Lord keeps the money tax free to use it for building improvements and the costs don't get past to tenants in building improvement increases.


    2. Negotiate for renter’s equity in long term leases.

    -We can't have investment firms buy property at unattainable inflated rates, rape and pillage the wealth from the renter class, and the renter walk away with no equity in the building what so ever. The renters' are getting royally screwed here. I do not know what this legislation would look like, or what the thresholds would be. I do vow that i will propose a renters equity clause, especially in the sale and displacement of a store front that was leased by a private small business for decades.

    Enough is enough!


    3. Greedy Land Lord Tax

    -I opt for the free market. But let’s face it. Between the Neo-Liberals and the Crony-Conservatives. The free market is not just existent. The elite have their foot on our throats. To the point where we are willing to have more government ran housing complexes, and rent control for all. This will only lock us deeper into the pitfalls that is now the renter class.

    -If a landlord has inherited a property, bought the property for cash, or has already paid off their mortgage from a time way back when housing was affordable. Great good for them kudos. If after a decade of this fortune, they want to increase the rent on any New Yorker that has already established residency in that unit. The owner has to pay a luxury tax on those increases. Where does the money go? It will be invested in helping renters obtain low interest ownership of property.


    4. Section 8 shift-

    -Implement Section 8 to own programs that have seen success elsewhere.

    Donald Sterling the racist owner of the L.A. clippers got his NBA team taken away from him for being a racist. Yet he accumulated his wealth by owning Section 8 housing communities in Compton, Los Angeles. Were those taken away from him too? How many Donald Sterling's are in your borough? How many tax payer funded complexes that aren't NYCHA are in your area?

    The Section 8 recipient gets a place to live in, I am not disputing the program, rather the flow of the tax payer dollars. The tax payers provide market rate not to the section 8 recipient, but to the elite land lord, all the recipient receives is a temporary shelter that can be sold at any time.

    $2,500 is not unreasonable for market rate rent in any borough. $2,500 x 12 = $30,000 after a 20 years that's ---> $600,000 more than enough to buy a condo.

    Those who qualify for government assistance in New York now have tax payer wealth bypassed through them to a rich investor. Now I will insist that the recipient will own the property. No more funneling money through the poor, time it actually goes to the poor! This will drastically slow down involuntary gentrification.


    Mortgages are CRIMINAL, they are fraud, they near triple housing costs, they create gentrification, they collapsed our economy, they are mostly predatory thing in America. Negatively distorting the real cost of housing, renters usually fall victim to financing another rich person's mortgage, something this problematic must be looked into.

    If a New Yorker is financing a $2m property (sadly par the course now), they will pay back to the bank ~$6m, and the renter will usually pony up the bill, walking away with absolutely nothing.

    Let’s be the tip of the spear and end this garbage ASAP!






    -Lotteries are not fair!!!

    -Affordable Housing is not affordable!!!! Its qualified housing at best, and these new programs still extract most of the tenant’s wealth, and in most cases they will never ever own.


    -70+ years of these housing strategies and now it’s more expensive and out of reach than ever.

    And NYCHA has proven to be utterly abusive, they are thieves that steal from the public's safety.

    -Housing stock is extremely important, limited stock and criminal bankers have inflated the cost to Mars. Building more affordable housing that displaces communities and simply isn't even affordable is theft across the board.

    -We have a responsibility to maintain the common areas, and the basic utilities to NYCHA recipients. A huge responsibility. It's going to cost $2b alone to distribute heat, that's distribute, not even including the very expensive new boilers, just new pipe to carry heat to the units. NYCHA residents pay 30% of their income in rent to a mismanaged, corrupt agency, and at times there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Each NYCHA apartment’s value will be assessed. If the resident opts for the program. If their rent paid exceeds the value of their unit. They can get their money back in full so they can get the hell out of the projects. We need more owners and less victims. Eventually I would like to see all NYCHA recipients own their units as a condo. This is our way out of poverty. The alternative is sadly not sustainable.



    Residential zoning is very important. However we shouldn't live in an archaic Nanny state. An individual real estate broker, head hunter, plumber, electrician, etc. Up and coming New Yorkers shouldn't have to be forced into the elite commercial real estate market. It can be a back breaking endeavor and does impede on small businesses.


    Even new Yoga studio needs an ethical cultures variance (same as a strip club) in order to be in business.


    We need to protect our communities, but not in a way that keeps them from growing.


    Amazon can buy Long Island City. But a small plumbing contractor just starting out can't operate out of their basement? These are more laws that just don't defend the little person or the small business owner.







    Natural Gas is considered to be the clean energy. Yes I suppose that's plausible. High efficiency boilers at times do get slightly better ratings on gas compared to oil. Even the MTA "clean" buses are now using natural gas. Here in Brooklyn they are ripping up the streets all over the place and putting in new gas lines. Ironically using petroleum based plastic pipe.


    Besides the massive gas explosions, deaths, and the hard to trace gas leaks all over the city. We are overlooking the fact that this is wiping out the messy, but surprisingly much safer oil heat industry. There are huge problems coming with this movement and the American Natural Gas lobby.


    The city and the Tristate are now totally dependent on natural gas. Especially after the closing of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. Sadly Cuomo's top aide was arrested for his bribes in getting the CPV Natural Gas Power Plant prematurely approved in the Hudson Valley, simply way too close to the city's reservoirs. The MTA is moving to natural gas buses and is expanding our bus fleets. THIS IS TERRIFYING!!! We are making the biggest city in the country, natural gas dependent! Inevitably forcing the markets hand to engage in fracking, risking our most precious upstate reservoirs.


    Turning our city into a bomb. Standing the Department of Buildings on its head, scrambling to figure out the best safety regulations. Then threatening our water shed! This is quite frankly the most foolish and alarming thing happening in the city today.


    Necessity is the mother of invention-

    I would first propose a moratorium on any new installation of gas lines and expansions of our gas grid. Con-Ed and National Grid will be restricted to essential repairs only. Until it is proven that they can mine for Natural Gas in Upstate NY and Pennsylvania with a safer method than hydro-fracking. California and Texas use BioGas, there is a way out.

    What are the City Council, Mayor, Governor, any of my opponents, and existing public advocate thinking? Absolutely Unacceptable.

    American Natural Gas, their lobby, and their recipients must be investigated!

    We should all be FURIOUS!!!






    Yes buses. MTA buses have made strides, but let us not forget the Port Authority!! They are rebuilding the Port Authority!

    This is way too big of an opportunity. It's not our lungs fault that Cuomo and Christie couldn't get along. Nor is it the fault of this cities children with these sky high asthma rates! How many times in our life are we going to have an opportunity to rebuild the port authority?

    Don't even try to tell me that every Grey Hound Bus, Shortline Bus and all those buses somehow use "clean energy"

    -the Lincoln Tunnel is already considering shutting down 2 of the 3 tunnels for repairs. Meanwhile the Port Authority already has 8,000 buses a day using its facility. And it's going to grow to 12,000 soon enough. We must resist this insanity and make the Port Authority a train station and not clog up the Lincoln Tunnel with eventually 15,000 buses every day. We need a train system and that's it!

    -*(Recent Update) As the brand new Upstate (Tappan zee) Mario Cuomo Bridge has bolts breaking already Trump and Cuomo are holding hands are finding $13.5b to put in a train tunnel. To where? We need real city planners!



    Look around. It may not make sense to you now. But I promise it will this spring, when they shut down 14th St., Grand Street in Brooklyn, and close off the Williamsburg Bridge to passenger vehicles. Tolls will be installed on all East River crossings, they have the 2 BQE construction projects looming, (BQGreen and the Promenade) The Lincoln tunnel is closing 2 out of 3 tunnels for up to 2 years and Holland Tunnel is closing 1 of its 2 tubes for 5 years!


    Driving in New York City is about to become a complete utter nightmare!!! I'll save the cursing for you!

    Yes we are F&^$#%*! It will be mayhem. We have to do it in stages!


    Before the city eliminates private vehicles, which is an inevitable step. Call me crazy now then, 10 years later...

    There is an all-out assault on passenger vehicles. With the cap on 116k cap on Uber, there will soon be one on registered vehicles city wide.


    We need to make a concession. An expensive one and we need to do it fast. by 202X, no car can be registered in an NYC, DMV, unless it uses hybrid technology. There is no reason for fumes to be spilling out of cars while sitting at a traffic light. As much as you want to resist that, understand what the transportation plans are. Look at the lunacy, and the total nonsense of these above ground trolleys going in. Really DeBlasio? They are going to take the cars away!!! Don't give them the very valid excuse of smog. Get ready to buy a hybrid! Even if it’s a work van or truck!


    New York I hate the smog too. But we need cars, it sucks I hate driving in the city, especially with these cops, but we needs cars. Congestion pricing will only serve the Elite. Who wants more money to go to DeBlasio and Cuomo anyway?!




    We must develop creative ways to support our local farms in the tristate area and have more fresh grown food supplied to the city.

    NYS has a $6 BILLION food stamp budget, and most of our SNAP recipients are living in food deserts, that are plagued with tragic obesity and diabetes rates. This is simply a dereliction of duty by our elected officials to do what's right for our city. NYS has a farming crisis. We are the 4th largest agricultural state in the nation, and our average farmer is 55 years old. We need to speak to the State and the Fed and make sure we streamline our assets to our benefit. Keep our tax dollars local. And help feed our whole city in the most environmentally and economically viable way possible. 60 years after Food Stamp Act was signed. We could use a makeover! There is a crisis. Food Stamps are a policy, that an overwhelming majority of New Yorker's support. So let's tweak our system so it can work better than ever before. Right now the Big Ag, and Mega Food share holders are winning. While our poor families and tristate area farmers are not. Something must be done.


    The SNAP program and the recipient’s ability to use them at Farmer's Markets is under threat. As public advocate when undeserved New Yorker's are under threat by SNAP, I will urge the city to put the SNAP on notice. This State and the TriState area can do a terrific job feeding ourselves, before our money ever gets squandered by the Fed. They will listen because out of the $6 BILLION the state gets back. We give the program much much more!





    In case you haven't heard. NYC is surrounded by water. A wise person said the ocean temperatures are heating up! Let's cool them down. We can rip up streets all over the city to create a potential bomb with natural gas infrastructure that just adds to the immense carbon foot print. 70% of the cities emissions come from heating our city with combustion fuels.

    Geothermal technology has been around forever. The World Trade Center used it. Yes we do need to use refrigerant, there is no perfect solution. We can with perseverance engineer the greatest geothermal heating system in the history of the world. Right here in New York City. The long term costs will be incredible savings for our residents and building owners. The carbon foot print will plummet. And we will actually be progressive instead of running for office as progressives






    No pun intended I would like this to happen organically as a society, but it simply isn't happening.

    The amount of Plastic Bags handed out in this city is flat out disgusting. I will have no problem saying it and maintaining that political position. Even as our existing NYC politicians flaked on this issue. I urge us to get creative and not have Draconian laws that criminalize this, like in California! However there is an enormous plastic island in ocean and we need to cut the shit! I urge this to be a social movement and not legislation.





    Our city wide water distribution system is very old. Very outdated, there is over a century of sediment in our pipes. NYC needs work diligently to keep our residents as healthy as possible. We have the best reservoirs in the world, but how does the water show up, after it’s doused with chemicals and travels over 100 miles through very old pipes.


    As a Service Plumber for the past 8 years in the city I am saddened, by the amount of residential and commercial buildings that have LEAD water mains supply them. This must be fixed, and fixed fast!!


    If fluoride in our water is so healthy for our us, then why are dentists still in business? If fluoride in the water is so healthy for us, why don't we put flu vaccines, vitamin C, and St. John's Wort in our water, as well? This practice is old school 1950's nonsense. There are over 60 cities in the U.S., and many other on wells, and their teeth are just fine. Fluoridating our water is so important it comes spraying out of Fire Hydrants. This must be investigated extensively. Our water and what's in it, is a public health issue.






    Moratorium Right Now! I want to know what Amazon is really planning. The tax break is just to piss us off, get us fighting with each other so we are not thinking clearly. Smart Cities are popping up all over the world. Just drive 8 hours to Toronto.




    There are many hot button issues that come up with Amazon moving in alone.

    Even with out a tax cut! I am sure all my other opponents will cater to the constituents "feelings" and run on that.

    I am concerned about many of the issues too. Remember I am for the little guy. Jeff Bezos is a technocratic creep, I am not for him at all!


    While the list goes on -Union Labor, all the other tax hikes and breaks. Lowering the housing stock in an area that has been decimated by gentrification. The list will go on. And they are fine with that. Because unless we take to the streets this is happening. We have a sold out City Council. A tyrant Governor and one of the biggest con-job's in world history in, Warren Wilhem Jr. our Ivy League Elite Mayor nicknamed Bill!



    Why else is the city absolutely decimating our transportation all at once?

    Amazon is planning a take over of the city, making it their smart city!

    We need a Moratorium on this right now.

    We need to investigate what they have in the works. We need to see, how awful it is and put an end to it! If you think gentrification is a big issue. With Amazon, you got a whole nother thing coming!


    I am willing to say, even as I am campaigning if this happens, and sadly it will. A huge piece of humanity will be lost! We need to stop this!




    UPDATED 1/3/19












    *prior to L train shutdown cancellation


    Blog on L Train Shutdown


    Fernando Ferrer already suggested having the Amazon assist the MTA in enhancing the Subway! This is a slippery slope!


    The MTA is falling apart and there is no end in sight.

    We New Yorkers are looking at an absolute crisis. It's terrifying!

    The city council was made laws, new taxes, and tolls, that do not help our residents. Brooklyn, most of Queens and Long Island will now turn into New Jersey. Do to "congestion" pricing. Oh yes the city will absolutely be congested now. Cuomo, not even the city, will get their money via facial recognition, when the DMV cancels vehicle registrations of our less fortunate residents who can't keep up with these fines. Scofflaws -people that can't afford these rip off tickets and tolls, will be pulled over and arrested by NYS Troopers and not even the NYPD. Some dude in a Cowboy hat will arrest you! It's sick. CONGESTION PRICING IS ELITIST PRICING!!!





    Driving in the city traffic will mirror a post-apocalyptic evacuation every day!

    Even Mother Teresa will have road rage!


    2/3's of the Lincoln Tunnel will shut down for 2 years. All the while 8,000 buses go in and out of it a day.

    1/2 of the Holland Tunnel will be shutting down for 5 years simultaneously.

    All the while the BQE is building a temporary bridge just south of the Brooklyn Bridge, and a park might be built under the Williamsburg Bridge right above the existing BQE. Called BQGreen.

    The narrow Williamsburg Bridge will be closed off to passenger vehicles, reduced to car pools, and thousands of buses will be crashing into Cement trucks. As many people that use the Port Authority use the L train. They will all go on bus. There are hundreds of bus accidents a year in the Brooklyn Battery tunnel because of limited room. The Williamsburg Bridge lanes are narrower. It will be mayhem!


    They are shutting down 14th and 13th Street. It's going to be pandemonium out there.


    The only solution your city council has come up with is to impose a $2.75 tax on all Uber, Lyft, and Vio rides, to funnel the money straight to the insolvent MTA. All the while capping the number of Lyft type companies aloud in the city. To support the Elite TLC that sold medallions for over a $1m dollars.


    Besides the BQE repairs most of these issues are due to Hurricane Sandy and the complete utter incompetence of the DeBlasio administration.

    The City Council has had over 6 years now to come up with a solution. They only voted put in more tolls and brought back the $1,000,000,000 medallion. We are so disgusted as a city, it feels so hopeless we don't even know how to be outraged!



    Simple things that could have been done.

    The Williamsburg Bridge and the L train shut down. For over 6 years they had a chance to widen the bike lanes and walking paths over the bridge and they have done nothing! They didn't even round of the corners on the top of bridge for the bike lanes, where there is an least one crash a day on top of the bridge. At the landing of the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan on Delancey St. Biking is a gauntlet getting off and on the Bridge and now the bikers will be competing with 5,000 buses, and the city did nothing.


    Connect the G Train to the L Train.

    Right now its not even a free transfer. It's systematic tyranny that they haven't been connected yet, even before the L train shut down. But with 6 years to figure out something so simple and rational, and actually not. It must be systematic tyranny. That's what I thought. But you can see where these trains intersect right from Councilman Reynoso's office. When I walked in and spoke to the staff about it. They appeared clueless. I don't think Reynoso is a tyrant. I just think these council members I'm running against are grossly incompetent and have no political will. They are just mouth pieces and have no forward thinking what so ever. Its sad!




    With help from every community. To end this civil unrest that endlessly impedes on humanity, something must be done! The reparations I propose are not to punish white people all over the country. Forcing them to pay for something they directly had no part of. It's ending the viscous exploitative cycle of these government programs! All they do is bypass huge sums of wealth through the community they claim to be supporting. Just follow the money and we will all be FURIOUS! They have been ripping off all of the people in this country that aren't "elite," and there are only a few left! Terrible! Prisons, near $250k a year per prisoner, in NYC. Most housing programs that leave residents subjected to policy. Food Stamps being the most unreflective way to spend $84b on hunger!


    Since the Great Society these programs have been sending GAZILLIONS of dollars right through communities that were designed for failure. They were forcing the tax payers to pay for it. The tax payers assumed you guys were getting cold hard cash. Creating animosity between communities. While most of you were living in projects, or on "assistance" with no choice.


    Then they say. "Oh but if you make too much money you, you will break the earnings threshold." Or will you forced to pay thieving incompetent NYCHA 30% of your income, leaving you for scraps, or to "hustle." Taking away the incentive to work. Then these same creeps that set up these communities. They built Police Stations almost and sometimes blatantly across the street. Then the government flooded those streets with crack. A Banker himself Rockefeller signed these absurd 15 year prison sentences for even a QP of weed. You know it much better than I do!


    Food Stamps aren't cash. They are an "E-cycle of currency" where the shareholders for General Mills and Wal-Mart make most of the money. Meanwhile the banks are getting paid for every single swipe. And local farmers get nothing. Then government housing is like a free hotel, you better sneak some towels in your luggage, because when you leave, you leave with nothing. They even have grants that send you to College and Vocational School with no incentives for completion. So the Dean's and the Boards can get all the money. Even a CUNY History Professor is getting a $561,000 a year pension. The tax payers are getting nothing but robbed.


    There is no end in sight, while racial tensions remain steady. They are exploiting us. This is why it’s the same issue over and over again every election cycle. The 2008 financial crisis was mainly due to Cuomo's predatory mortgage policy, from his days at HUD. Then even Bush and Obama together practically holding hands, bailed out the banks. The banking system wins, but none of us do. Besides extended unemployment and an Obama phone, what do we get? Oh but billions went to private pharmaceuticals and private insurance companies. Even with Obama in there he tried throwing some daggers. He started Section 8 to own. He was hamstrung and was just bought out buy the banks, there wasn't much he could do, and that is a huge shame. We Americans are still stricken with the same symptoms 10 years after Obama and 70 years after these programs began to develop. Malcolm X had it right 55 years ago. It's all a game of exploitation, and now WE have been the political football. This is nothing new, the shit needs to stop. If not it never will, and will only get worse and worse, until the state owns everything. Do you actually want DeBlasio and Cuomo owning your house? Read between the lines, it’s not that hard. Just hard to accept, hard to let go. Years of police brutality, and decades long prison sentences for what robbery? Yeah it's very hard to accept.


    I call for a 20 year bail out right now!!! Yes a 20 year bail out on Housing Subsidies and all other assistance. Instead of the tax payer giving the money directly to a racist scum bags like Donald Sterling. All so Bernie Madoff can run off and speculate with it, a few years after the "bank bailout." The tax payers are going to buy the property now. Tax payers are going to give you the deeds, and we pay it off over the next 20 years. It will be SO MUCH cheaper even now, and especially in the long run. The Elite owners who have been raking in all the billions while we fend for scraps. Well they are in a little trouble. Because when the tax payers find out how much they made, and for how long, and for how terribly little they provide. They won't be too thrilled to give them market value. This elite predatory class, of Land Holders that steal from the tax payer, to prey on the poor. Must be held accountable.


    This will give us sustainability, real hope and change, and allow us to have money to do amazing things for our community and ourselves. It will normalize the housing market so people can scrape some money together and buy a home. It will eliminate displacement, and let real organic thriving communities take place. Now the jar-gain is "Subsidizing-Black-Women-Owned Businesses" and even way scarier "rent control for all." Well who the hell is all that rent going to? Or is this a way to slide housing subsidies into the commercial store front sect?


    That's exactly what these "whoever friends of DeBlasio, City Council members" running against me are campaigning on. That's what their donors are telling them to run on! It is pure hoodwinking at its finest. And we are trapped in it.


    My intention is something that will actually work. I am going to figure out a way to turn your apartment into a condo that you own, and you can do whatever you heart desires. Live in it, rent it out, sell it!


    We are going to end the grip the government and the bankers have on all of our hard working communities! And we are going to do it with a 20 year bail out. It's the right thing to do! Just give you the damn buildings! Enough!


    What can the Public Advocate do about that? Research? Give a speech? Present a law?

    The funny thing is. I'm going to win. So you will see!




    Drug Testing


    I believe drug testing violates the 4th amendment but that can wait for later. We have a huge human rights issue and that is Marijuana testing at work. In most cases its just wrong. Especially urine tests that stay in your system for 30 days. Marijuana has proven to help with pain and anxiety. To stay employed workers that get tested are forced to obtain drugs from the real criminals, the pharmaceutical companies. This element is a huge reason why we have an Opioid crisis in New York.

    If an employee is an a work-site accident, they are scared to report it because they smoked weed 2 weeks ago on a camping trip. Or maybe is using it as an alternative to Oxy's and Xanax, or Alcohol. Even in states like Colorado they still give urine tests for marijuana and that is irrational. There is no place for this in New York.

    Now employees and Insurance companies do reserve a right to test for marijuana use at work, especially in the case of an accident. In states like Colorado the police give blood tests that show accurate THC levels in over the past 24 hours. If an employer wants to urine test for Marijuana, they can only under the employees consent or with proper 30 day notice. In the event of a work place accident the only valid accurate test should be a blood test. Testing for all other drugs is fine by me. I wouldn't want heavy drug users on any construction site.




    Unreal that New York is so archaic, and draconian that marijuana is not legal yet. Makes you wonder why this entire state is plagued with the deadly Opioid Crisis? Sadly Cuomo and Jeff Sessions are in the same school of thought with this modality of oppression. Clearly this only benefits our prison for profit system (we are making strides.)

    Being "patient" while continuing to create "criminals" for over a decade of legalization elsewhere is tyranny. However it has taught us a valuable lesson.


    Living in both Denver and San Francisco for sometime. I noticed there is no more black market for weed. In Washington D.C. when it was legalized, the city awarded established elite liquor store owners with licenses. We can not let this happen here. It only eliminates a cash stream for poor people trying to put food on the table. Let's keep some CA$H!

    I do not support drug dealers and criminals, I feel Opioid dealers should be punished like never seen before. But your local weed dealer that doesn't sell any other drugs, and is a friend and neighbor, is by no means a criminal.


    We can have marijuana stores, and create yet another regulated industry. Allowing the greedy corporations to infiltrate marijuana. I would absolutely insist against that. The state should never be allowed to tax marijuana, nor should it ever be able to put someone in prison over it! Legalization is Corporatization. Let's do it right here in New York City.


    In the event its legalized, or in other words taxed. I would like to see existing marijuana dealers that are non-violent functioning members of society be given the licenses before anyone else!




    Here in Williamsburg a few weeks ago. Walking down my sidewalk a slime ball heroin dealer rolled down his window and told me he had "smack."

    Now what if I was recovering and had a bad day, and I roll out of my house and some one basically puts Heroin in my lap? Is this fair for the community? Fair to our taxes payers funding rehabs. Fair to the families and lives that are being devastated by this filth?


    I have lost 2 good friends, that were good kids. 1 to Heroin, 1 to FENTANYL. You will have a hard time seeing this Public Advocate ever be sympathetic to Heroin and Fentanyl pushers. And I am some one who is very against the drug war, so lets end it, like we are Ending Hate Speech. All of our resources, all the money on rehab, Heroin Spas, DMV tickets, and Parking tickets, the near $250k a year we spend on an inmate at Riker's all of that should be focused on 4 things. No more Heroin Dealers, No more Crystal Meth dealers (which is starting to take this city by storm), No more Crack Dealers, and Absolutely no more Fentynal Dealers. In fact Fentynal and Heroin, should be put into the SAFE ACT.


    Punishing people is not ideal, and government should not be in the business of it. Ruthlessly punishes Heroin and Fentynal pushers is(including doctors). It's one of the very few things we should cage people up like animals over. Heroin is a problem I have lost friends from it and it is absolutely evil. That's why they say we will never get rid of. So instead:


    The city is implementing these B.Y.O.H., Heroin Spas. Is it a really a fair deal? How much does it cost? Do first time or new users go? Is it just a recreational facility for junkies? Do they have a place where a nurse can roll a blunt for you or help you free base coke?



    We have a health crisis where millions of New Yorkers don't have medical insurance. If you have a freak accident your life is over. If you go to one of these public clinics and you make any money they charge you like you are rich, or what insurance will pay. Oh and try getting affordable medication! But we have a pilot program where our city pays for people to inject junkies with HEROIN.


    We pay give out needles that is enough.


    New York City averages 89 deaths per year via gun violence. In 2017 we lost 1,487 to drug overdoses. Apply the SAFE ACT to Opioids.

    Does the state supply spas where we can clean our illegal guns? Pay some one to train us to stay alive while shooting someone? Give us a nice warm or air conditioned place to load our magazines? NO!


    If you have even bullets on you in NYC you go to jail. You don't go to rehab you go to jail! If you have heroin on you it should be the same thing unless you accurately rat out your dealer. And the dealer should be charged with attempted murder. If the cops can trace the dealer in an overdose tragedy. The dealer will be charged with murder.




    Doctor's and Pharmacies should only charge for cost, in all opioid prescription visits, no profit at all!

  • Staff - Diversity - Race


    In my opinion this is a MAJOR Civil Rights Issue.

    Corey Johnson -Speaker of City Council- I believe only went to one semester of College.

    Bill DeBlasio has a Master's degree from Columbia.

    I would much rather have Corey Johnson as our Mayor than that weirdo. When hiring for my staff I don't give a crap what college you went to. Or if you have a degree. I want to know what you overcame. I want to know if you have a bone to pick with the city, the corruption, and the callousness of this monstrous bureaucracy.

    One rule! Ivy League grads are at the bottom of my resume pile for further review.

    I'm tired of these Elitists thinking they know what it takes to advocate for people struggling to come up.

    Unless they can prove to me they really fought for it. I am not interested.

    P.S. Corey Johnson is really good, but he could be great! So it's not an endorsement yet.



    There will be several women on my team.

    The only thing I know about women is most of them are a lot smarter than me!

    That I guarantee.

    There will be several women on my team and they will have the green light!



    In 2018 we made many strides on the LGBTQ fronts. However it seems that Trans Women are still struggling. I will absolutely have a woman on my staff. The office will always have an open line of communication to the Trans Community and they will actually be heard. And will no longer be reduced to political pawns. Ideally I would like the whole community put an "S" in there some where. This way people don't feel like they are left out. NYC is for everyone. No matter how anti-government I may seem. I have your back!


    I can't make staffing promises for parents. But I can promise that Mothers and Fathers and Family has got to be absolutely treasured in our city. I will always have you in mind. I am giving out my cell phone number at my swear in speech. If something is going on call me. I'm old school, dial the phone.



    - I am tired of identity politics. But it is real. We have to realize Dr. Kings dream one of these days! I am afraid a lot of it is sophisticated social engineering and a distraction. This way the bankers and the political class have an even bigger grip on all of us. Again if you have a bone to pick with this government, if you want to see all of our money stay in our communities. Versus giving more money to the wasteful Federal Goverment than we get back. If you want to stop seeing your neighbors and coworkers, family members and yourself, paying rent to the Congress or something, then I want you on my team.

    If any one shouldn't have faith in the government it's Black people in this country. Even putting the heinous history aside, witnessing the exploitation that is happening right now in this country. It's infuriating! And such an unending waste of money except for the elite!







    The toll booth workers in NYS were wiped out by Andrew Cuomo's $100b -1984- E-tolls disgrace. Horrible what some toll booth workers are going through. Some so close to realizing a full pension are now robbed by robots. This must be the number one fight for everyone in labor, union or non-union. I am very saddened and perplexed that all Unions didn't unite and fight this. Another Union is next! Which one? This 100% is not happening on my watch. In smart cities they are experimenting with automated Sanitation and automated trains. This MUST will not happen. We need to keep the labor force protected. This isn't Sci-Fi anymore, peoples livelihoods are being stripped from them. There simply is not enough resistance to this. I am for the Union Worker and the Worker over anybody else. I will 100% fight the technocracy and not allow any entity ESPECIALLY, NYS wipe out unions because they feel automation will be better for them! No way! No how!



    I proudly served as a Local 638 Journeyman B Steamfitter. The union workers are my Brother's, and I intend to support them 100%. Non-Union workers deserve to make a living, and should have their voices heard too. From safety, to training, to health insurance. The term scab is hate speech, if you're going to call them a scab with out giving them a card. It's hate speech. Sorry!

    Any worker (Union or Non-Union) engaged in an apprenticeship program with the Department of Buildings, should register with the city after one year. This way the goal post isn't moved on their requirements. The City can provide progressive vocational courses and exams for all workers, during this process. Too often the License Departments change their requirements, that can derail someones entire career. Causing them to start over all 7 years.




    NYCHA spends $14m on over 250 heat technicians. While 84% of its buildings didn't have heat, hot water, or even water in 2017. 7 out of the 10 highest paid workers in the entire city's budget are NYCHA plumbers. Some making well over $300k a year. And again 84% of NYCHA buildings did not have heat, hot water, and even water.

    $14m a year on heat techs that leave after 3 years to move on to a (somehow) higher paid Maintenance job. This is not the solution. Boiler techs need much more training than 3 years, and truly need to be dedicated to their craft! -(I wrote this on this website before DeBlasio was forced to come up with this idea by a Judge. What was city council thinking? I even made a video on it the week before!)




    What keeps UA trade unions in business is quality. Not to take anything away from the many excellent Non-Union Companies. Trade Unions breed quality. Why not have NYCHA and the UA work together in providing the great service NYCHA requires. Allow NYCHA employees to dissolve into the Trade Unions. And allow the superb Union Contractors to work their magic and properly maintain these complexes. This is a much needed WIN- WIN- WIN for everyone. NYCHA, Unions, and the tax payer.


    (Again City Council sat with this absolutely perplexed, until a federal judge forced DeBlasio's hand. What were these people thinking while 400,000 residents were out in the cold. I have been saying this since February 2018) WOW!- I even say it in my radio address above 2 weeks before DeBlasio was forced to figure it out!)



    Vocational School to Count as College Credit-


    The value of vocational school is actually up for debate. Unions do "learn as you go" courses and apprenticeships, they are much more effective. The best learning in trades is hands on, in the field. The push for Vocational Training is a noble cause. What we need to address is they don't count for college credit. They are often expensive and very time consuming. If you graduate a reputable and qualified Vocational School, the individual should receive an Associates Degree. It's crazy they don't and it will make vocational training much more appetizing.

    CUNY get on it!


    Sound just policing is lawful policing. The 4th Amendment is essential and should be respected to the fullest extent. The only caveat being if it's under the threat of foreign terror. We have to do everything we can to investigate foreign terror. It's been proven we are a target.


    This city has been ridden in scandal and corruption. DeBlasio has staff out there gang banging with guns. Police have been caught trafficking Heroin. Anna Chambers was "allegedly" raped by two police officers, handcuffed on the way to the precinct. As the officer's were being investigated, they found out one of these officers, was sleeping with the Prosecutor.

    There is so much work to do!


    The one thing I will give this mayor credit for is he has done a decent job, with "police-state" brutality. Central Booking or the "tombs" are surprisingly much cleaner, much better than in the Bloomberg administration.


    Treating New Yorker's like citizen's and not subjects has not been achieved. It must be realized. Closing Riker's and bringing attention to the viscous police-state is great. New Yorkers are treated like subjects and not treated like citizens. That now has to be the fight!


    There are really rough characters that need to be off the streets. We need Police. New York Criminal Court has a long way to go. It is prison for profit and it is all under the guise of bank ran social engineering. At court, I want to see each citizen respect themselves as a citizen, and make sure the right thing happens, and their rights are protected. This sadly has yet to be achieved.


    In the event of any Police Shooting. I want a full scale investigation on the alternative. The police are armed, have all sorts of weaponry, besides their pistol. They have bullet proof vests. The NYPD have Emergency Service Units equipped for Urban Warfare. Rules of engagement that favor them over our citizens, better than our soldiers have overseas, with enemy combatants. They have Jason Bourne Movie Surveillance capability, Helicopters, Planes, and a Navy!


    There needs to be better training. What do I mean by training? I mean actual training. Techniques and strategies to keep people safe.

    Unfortunately for the Police Officer. Life priorities go to the innocent citizen first. Then Officer second. The criminal third. If they shot and killed an innocent citizen, they should be charged with murder and treason!










    Bring Division 1 Sports back to CUNY.

    Some state schools bring in almost $200m a year from Athletics.

    NYC has the biggest media market in the world!

    Let's get this city celebrating it's youth again. And bring back Championship Basketball!


    I will help promote creative ideas that will be a win-win for our city, and our kids. Please share your ideas with our office!



    Housing is a right. And it's set up as theft!

    New Yorkers need to own. Renters should get some money back. Section 8 to own. Enhance suburban commutes to ease displacement of native residents. Renter's Equity in long term leases. Ownership is the only defense to gentrification.

    NYCHA lead paint theft of $110m and more.

    Unions and Trade Labor


    I served in Local 638. I loved my experience in that Union. Unions are great, and do amazing work. They are under threat! The toll workers Union in NYS was eliminated by automation, and Tyrant Cuomo. Toronto is experimenting with Automated Sanitation. Subways will one day be automated unless we do something! Non-Union workers must be protected and respected. College Credit for Vocational School and Trade Licenses.




    Amazon Moratorium

    This no laughing matter. We might as well call it New Amazon. Smart Cities on the rise. NYC transportation about to collapse. Tax subsidies from 2 "so-called" Democrats to a man worth $105b. Did Cuomo campaign on this? It was almost a secret until after the election. It's all a distraction, the people will fight over this "tax break" and maybe even win, then what?

    Will City services be dependent on the success of Amazon???

    Simply do not let these monopolizing, glutton,

    technocrats occupy our city. We must know their plans 10 years from now!!!

    They are distracting us and have something up their sleeve!


    NYC has a real problem on their hands with Natural Gas. The whole TriState area is almost totally dependent on gas. Fracking near our water shed is inevitable! Moratorium now. Can they get gas another way than fracking? With a Moratorium they will figure it out. How much heat can we get from "Bio-Gas?"

    City-wide geothermal!

    Smog. Food. Water. Plastics.


    Our Food Stamp money should be reinvested in our urban gardens, local farms, and Tristate farmers. $6B in SNAP (food stamps) to NYS a year.

    Our Agriculture system is the 4th largest in country and dwindling fast. 55 is the average age per farmer. While 200,000 people leave a year, because our high tax and spend systems aren't serving the the poor or working class.

    Let's push to send $6b to our farmers. There is a huge opportunity here. Why invest in the federal government and not our struggling New Yorkers?

    Photo: Red blotch New Cuomo bribed Natural Gas Power Plant -BLUE Our Reservoirs

    PA, NYS border home to most natural gas in world


    Don't be soft on Heroin and Fentanyl. It kills 18x's more New Yorkers than Guns do. Let Marijuana dealers keep selling it before Amazon does. End drug testing for marijuana. Prison system is terrible!


    Williamsburg Bridge will be bus lane. L train shutdown planned for ~7 years and G and J train are still not connected? BQE, Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel all partly shutting down. 14th St. and 13th St, shut off to cars, Grand St. in Brooklyn no cars. Businesses off of L train will suffer dearly. Brooklyn and Queens are now going to be tolled like New Jersey -Congestion Pricing. Lower income trades people will not always be able to pass this cost onto the consumer. $2.75 tax on Uber, Lyft, Vio and along with a law capping on their inventory.

    And now a $6 yellow cab surcharge while potentially bringing back the $1m medallion.


    Public Advocate Candidates that were on City Council have done nothing in the past 7 years to prepare. They should be ashamed to even collect a paycheck! Let alone try to convince you they are the right ones to advocate for New York City!

    Not scared of diversity of thought. My staff will not only represent all different groups, also different ideologies. Let's try working together for once! There are plenty of great ideas, and great people. Working together we can enhance our city. Please let us work together to keep our money in NY.

    Reparations-Housing scandal

    Most of the money spent on minority populations goes straight to the bankers and the land holders. If we looked at what we will spend on housing the next 20 years we can buy it for even cheaper and give it to the recipient. We can no longer be members of a society that exploits people.

    All you politicians should absolutely be ashamed of yourselves. Your Immigration policy has people living under rocks. Turn Closing Rikers into next Ellis Island and do Immigration right for the first time in 70 years.

    This would keep us safe from crime and terror! It would be optimal for those seeking a better life. Think about how business regulations work? Gee

    No more cash out there=Bad for undocumented people.

    DACA get it done. How dare the both sides use it as a tool. Really. Shameful!

    Culture and Arts

    New York City has always been a major oasis for arts and culture. It sadly seems to not be what it used to be. High Rents, corporatization, the internet, extreme cost of living and many other factors have played into this. I will do everything I can to let artists know New York's Public Advocate will defend their freedom of expression. This one here was arrested for her stunt. Rightfully so. But I will have the artists back!





    Tax dollars to NYC first

    "In 2016, the federal government spent more than $3.8 trillion and brought in approximately $3.3 trillion, with a budget deficit of $585 billion. New York generated 8.3 percent of federal tax payments, while the state represented 6.1 percent of the nation's population in 2016."

    $269,716,999,000 that is billion is how much we strip from our state and send it to Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi!

    Support for private citizens.

    New Yorkers are Citizens not subjects.

    Heroin, Fentanyl, Terror top priorities.

    Protect the 4th Amendment (search and seizure)

    End these Kangaroo Traffic courts with no due process at all. There are no more traffic plea deals in NYC? Why?

    No more policing for profit!!!

    It destroys livelihoods, and can be terrible for families. For what? Using your navigation system? Texting at a red light? The same thing the law man does?

    Keep the city streets safe. But let people work.

    Police have been much better lately. Still a ton of work to do. No more police shootings unless the perp is armed AND actually dangerous. Please!



    Kick the Federal Reserve out!

    The Federal Reserve are the biggest bunch of crooks. Besides Andrew Cuomo, Soros(even the Intercept agrees) and Goldman & Sachs. The Fed is the number one reason for our mortgage crisis. Since their inception we all have been bound to debt slavery. They are raising interest rates yet again. We might not be able to "End the Fed" but we sure hell can try to evict them.

    Kick out the U.N. too. There are cities begging for them and it costs us millions a year. They are a safety threat and absolutely destroy traffic in September! Bye!




    We are not invested in our youth enough. There are parents and people in the community giving it there all and I am not taking anything away from them. I want to support you so much. We aren't socially invested in our community and our youth enough.
    I am not an educator but I want our youth to be our top priority. Education needs to be invigorating, it needs to work harder and a lot smarter.





    Immigration is the back bone of America and what gives New York it's character, and makes it the best city in the world.

    We have and have had immigration issues in this country that go way beyond the White House. Our immigration policy has been atrocious since the closing down of Ellis Island. Immigration is a federal issue. But I pledge that as a New Yorker and friend of many legal and undocumented immigrants. As watch dog I will do everything I can to help fix this issue.


    An undocumented immigrant comes to this country and is forced to live in the shadows. Living in a technological, post economic bail out world, where cash is harder to come by. Where businesses have a harder time to pay them, on or off the books. This problem extends to both sides of the isle. Even when there is support they are scared to come forward, and instead subject themselves to an abundance of problems. It is not fair, it is not American. We must be humane and smart.


    As this city resists the Federal Government which has been awful on immigration for decades, for almost 70 years it has simply been wrong. I will fight for a sound, humane, and safe immigration policy. Most dire is a policy that promotes immigrants to come here and work and make something of themselves and realize the American dream. An immigration policy that won't capitalize on the misfortune of the immigrants and exploit them with this exploitative welfare state. Immigration is a huge component of the American Dream and I will do every thing I can to fight for it. And I will fight for those coming here to live the American dream!


    Ideally I would like to see, the now defunct Riker's Island become the new Ellis Island! Those seeking a better life, connection with their families, and refuge from the most oppressive governments in the world, can read the plaque on the Statue of Liberty and come here. And we should welcome them here. With open arms. But we must vet them, as much as the awful NSA vets us. Too many New Yorkers are subjected to drugs, sex trafficking, friends and neighbors still weep of lost ones from 9-11. And these issues can not be ignored. DACA can no longer be a political bargaining chip for the left and the right. DACA must get done. It's completely unfair and the children did not ask for this.


    The immigration policy we have now, that has the military on the border preventing an "invasion." Is not only a result of a huge drug and sex trafficking problem, not only a result of Terrorism (an issue that can not be ignored) it is a result of not having the political fortitude to what is right for our Country and those coming here. All of our politicians in power since the 50's should absolutely be ashamed of themselves.


    Any immigrant living in the shadows, that wants a shot at life. That wants a future they can count on, the ability to work hard and pursue the American dream. Come downtown and come see me. I will help you.


    We have babies born in the country subjected to vaccines that some feel may be harming them. We have human beings living in countries that don't have disease control measures in place coming here unchecked. To have a policy that looks the other way, takes no responsibility for contributing nothing in the past, is childish and not smart. To have measures in place where they continue to take more cash out of circulation, does nothing but marginalize our undocumented residents. We must have an inclusive, open minded discussion on these issues. It is a huge responsibility for all NYC politicians. We must do what is fair!


    Since the roll out in 1914. The Fed has been an absolute disaster. Political heroes from Ron Paul to Bernie Sanders have been calling it out. The Fed is in control of our money, and we have absolutely no idea what they are up to.

    The nation was swept by Hillary's emails and speeches, and the Presidency in being gaslighted over Russia.


    We still don't know anything. And we absolutely have no idea what the hell the Federal Reserve is up to!

    Both Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul have repeatedly been asking that we audit the Fed. And they have been laughed at, and called tin-foil hat crazy.


    Well being in New York City government. We can be a pesky nuisance. Call them a threat to our safety, unless they are audited. They literally get away with murder! They are Goliath, and I will demand that some one exposes these crooks for who they really are.


    Get the United Nations out of here too. Bunch of do nothing world dominating creeps!


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